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Four seasons

It's hard to decide what season makes Rastoke the most beautiful, but that's exactly why you can come anytime and you won't be mistaken. Open the article to see the whole gallery throughout the four seasons.
Spring time in Rastoke is very watery with lots of droplets and waterfalls, first green leaves and spring flowers. The colors and smell of spring are the colors and smell of new life in Rastoke that leads to green, blooming and a happy summer. And in the fall, you can feed your soul and body with fruits of hip, elderberry, apple, blackberry, corn and chestnut, and enjoy in the mix of colors and sounds. Imagine autumn walk in the woods, on the big natural carpet made of leaves with different colors and collecting natural treasures in coexistence with squirrels and deers. Who would've wanted more?

In the white winter, leaf carpet is replaced with snowflakes, while waterfalls relentlessly create new icy shapes. In the fireplace you hear wood cracking and in the night streetlamps create fairy tales. Snow delights are guaranteed.

Now and then

How history affected Rastoke and todays life in it.

Wonderful play of nature

The Rastoke Falls has been made possible by a wonderful play of nature which lets the azure-green waters of the Slunjčica run into the Korana over a series of travertine barriers, thus creating a chain of waterfalls, rapids, pools and cascades.

Benches for rest

We would like to create as much better experience to all visitors of Slunj and Rastoke as we best can. Joy is usually found in the smallest details, and for this reason, two new benches are spawned at the right place for your eyes. Take a look ;-)


Ulica braće Radić 7
  47240 Slunj

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