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Besides Rastoke that are story for themselves, Slunj has a lot of corners equally valuable to study and explore.
Besides Rastoke that are story for themselves, Slunj has a lot of corners equally valuable to study and explore. One of them is so called, Slunj circle that spreads from Neralic street, beside old town Slovin, Napoleon's magazin, all the way to main city beach on the river Korana with ending in Rastoke.

To those who decide to go on a little longer adventure, awaits the path after Napoleon's magazin, that leads deep into the woods (Jelvik). From there, you can walk into many directions, all of them leading you to Korana river where you can continue walking to main city beach and Rastoke. Everything is surrounded with leaves and natural forest decorations.

Neralic was the first Croatian Olimpic winner in Paris and his house is the first thing you can see when starting the circle. This path leads to bridge of Moćan and the old town Slovin. Nature here leaves you breathless. The old town is under construction, waterfalls are rippling, watermill is working, life literally blooms in spring and summer, but over the winter has it's charm aswell. Photographers would enjoy this one.

Heading uphill, you continue walking beside the old fort towards Napoleon's magazine that is your star leader towards other beautiful areas of Slunj. Turn left and then after one or two minutes, uphill right. This is the beginning of Jelvik. After magazine, you can choose to go left on the road that leads to main city beach and Rastoke, or continue exploring the forest paths. Make sure you equip yourself with enough water. Jelvik is very interesting so it seems spending one day there is not enough but surely this depends on an individual. One way leads you to the deep center of woods, where you can see the small wooden "house". This is where the Scout school held place recently. If you're looking for a picnic place or some rest between pine trees, you have found it here, and only 3-4 minutes separates you from the first beach.

Very near is the all known Kotlac, a place that's being regularly cleaned and prepared for everyone, but most of all, for the children and young ones. During the summer, it's very easy to get accross the other side of the river and refresh yourself with real natural spring water, or enjoy the relaxing massage in waterfalls and fast currents. The other side also has one uphill way that can bring you to the main road and Rastoke. This path is called Krš (Krsh) and it has an amazing view on everything you've recently walked through: Korana canyon, Jelvik, Kotlac and the rest of Slunj as far as your eye sight can reach. Keep in mind that you take this walk at your own risk. Be responsible and take care of yourself, as you would usually.


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