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Natural sights

The town of Slunj is rich in beautiful scenery and pristine nature, which provides many opportunities of relaxation and various activities for the tourists. Travellers and visitors have always been attracted by the beauty of this area.
The Korana river provides many opportunities for rest. In summertime it is a paradise for swimmers. Not only locals, but also visitors, tourists and passers-by seek refreshment in its waters, and after they find it, they continue their journey to the seaside or the Plitvice Lakes. Apart from swimming, the Korana is an ideal place for kayaking and canoeing, surrounded by beautiful green forests, as well as a perfect place for fishermen, since it is rich in fish (pike, chub, sneep, pomfret, tench). The Slunjčica river, on the other hand, is cold and clean and rich in first-class domestic trout. It is one of the few rivers where one can drink its water directly from its course, even in today’s modern time.

A special attraction in Slunj is Rastoke, a watermill settlement which was, due to its natural ethnographic and constructional significance, placed under the protection of the State Directorate for cultural and historical heritage, according to the Nature Protection Act, and listed as a rural entity in the immovable cultural heritage register. Rastoke was created in a play of nature where blue-green waters of the Slunjčica river poured over travertine rocks into the Korana river, thus creating a multitude of waterfalls, rapids, small lakes and cascades. More than three hundred years ago a village with watermills, stamp mills, rotating barrels and terraces above water emerged among cliffs and islets, thus creating a perfect harmony between man and nature, that can be experienced in Rastoke ever since.

After seeing Rastoke, many visitors refer to them as “the Small Lakes of Plitvice”, but Rastoke are much more than that. Besides being a natural phenomenon, it is also a place where people have been living for hundreds of years in harmony with nature.


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  47240 Slunj

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